About Key Populations Hub

Key Populations Hub is a frontline media-advocacy initiative aimed at highlighting and advancing critical issues affecting key populations and other vulnerable groups in Nigeria.


  • Visible, self-confessed community of vulnerable and Key Populations able to use virtual media platforms to initiate, interact, moderate, provide information and get feedback on issues of community Health, Rights and Welfare and use the feedback to mobilize peers for advocacy for the promotion and protection of their rights and access to the services available.
  • Generate data through the engagement of vulnerable and Key Populations and the public for use in advocacy for the improvement of their rights to health and dignity.


  • Provide virtual platforms for peer mobilization, interaction, support and public advocacy of vulnerable and Key Populations.
  • Provide information, communication and Education (ICE) on the rights to health, other rights and location-specific information on where to access the services for vulnerable and Key Populations.
  • Elicit virtual and media public discussions on stigma, discrimination and criminalization of vulnerable and Key Populations and the need to promote and protect their rights in Nigeria.